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Meet the Roasts

Meet the Roasts

We know that each coffee fiend has their coffee preference, and for newbies finding the right roast can be a little intimidating, so we are breaking down the roasts of Campus Point Coffee to help you find your perfect roast! 

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Keeping it Light

Some of us many be newer to our coffee addiction journey and are not quite ready for the intensity of a dark roast. We've got the perfect roast for you. Our Francisco Torres (FT) Light Roast is a beautiful blend of Indonesian, African, and Latin American coffees. This Certified Fair Trade Organic medium-light bodied coffee will appeal to both the novice and experienced coffee drinker. We like to consider this coffee 101. 

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Something Right in the Middle

If you're like us and can't start your day without your morning cup of coffee, then Deltopia Medium Roast is the roast for you! Our best selling roast blends together slightly smokey yet sweet flavors, and is made up of a Certified Fair Trade Organic Italian blend. Harmonious and well balanced, this is the perfect sipping cup that will have you coming back for more all day long. 



Nice and Dark

For the die hard coffee fan who likes their coffee to pack a punch, Del Playa (DP) Dark Roast is the roast for you. Our darkest roast is a velvety blend of Certified Fair Trade Organic French and Double French Roasts. This coffee is not for the faint of heart, but will be a dark roast lovers dream. 

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The Espresso Lover 

If you consider yourself to be an espresso aficionado then The Loop Espresso is a must try! Small but mighty the Loop is bold, beautiful, and ready to give you that perfect crema. Like all of our other roasts, the Loop is Certified Fair Trade Organic.

Any true coffee lover is all too familiar with the constant craving for coffee but not always wanting the buzz. We've got just the thing to scratch that coffee itch, but skip the caffeine rush. Check out our Here for the Flava Decaf Espresso! Here for the Flava is a Certified Fair Trade Organic decaf espresso using an all water process. That Crema though…

Pro Tip: Both of our Espresso's can be used to make probably the best tiramisu you've ever had!

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Caffeine Free Please 

Decaf fans, don't think we forgot about you. We get it, not all coffee lovers are caffeine lovers so we've got two roasts for you to choose from! 

Snooze Button Decaf may not wake you up in the morning, but it still brings you big, irresistible full bodied flavor! It is Certified Fair Trade Organic, and made by using a Swiss Water process that is 100% chemical free, that results in a great tasting decaf. 

Sip Sip Hooray, with the our Here for the Flava Decaf Espresso! Sit back and enjoy sipping the perfect cup of espresso without ever having to worry about too much caffeine. This Certified Fair Trade Organic decaf espresso uses an all water process, that really lets the flavor shine! 

But Decisions are Hard

If you are anything like us, you are all too familiar with the struggle of choosing just one thing when you want to try them all. We've got a couple solutions to help our fellow indecisive friends. 

  1. Try our Isla Vista Sampler with 3 of our top roast, Francisco Torres, Deltopia, and Del Playa. When you can't choose just one, why not try three??
  2. Get a subscription! Sign up for a coffee subscription, choose your roast, choose your size, and choose your frequency. If you ever decide you want to try something new simply go in change your subscription and we'll take care of the rest! 
  3. Gift a Subscription! Sometimes you gotta treat yourself, and what better way to do it than with a coffee subscription. We know most people are struggling their way from zoom meeting to zoom meeting ,so why not treat yourself to a prepaid coffee subscription. Choose between 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months and keep the good stuff coming! 

Happy Coffee Shopping from your Campus Point Coffee Family

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