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Do More With Your Coffee Grounds

Do More With Your Coffee Grounds

So you've just finished enjoying a cup (or pot, we don't judge) of probably the best coffee ever and you're thinking, I wonder what I could do with my coffee grounds rather than just tossing them. You're in luck, we've put together a list of creative ways to re-purpose your used coffee grounds!

Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal

Did you know coffee is a natural deodorizer? Simply toss your grounds down and flip on your disposal! Boom you've just freshened up your garbage disposal!

Fertilize your garden

Coffee grounds make a great fertilizer for your garden!

Some say that coffee grounds can be to acidic for the garden, but when you use used grounds the brewing process helps to remove the acidity. This leaves behind the nutrients and vitamins your plants will love including, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. All of these can can all be easily absorbed by garden plants.

Exfoliates/ Scrubs

Treat yourself to an at home spa day with a DIY Coffee Scrub or Exfoliate. Just combine the grounds, a bit of warm water and a natural oil (we recommend coconut).

Take your exfoliate or scrub a step further and use it to help reduce down cellulite. The caffeine from the grounds will stimulate dilation, while the scrubbing motion will increase circulation. Together the dilation and circulation will plump the skin and temporarily make the cellulite look less obvious!

Staining/ Natural Dye

Tie dye is all the rage these days so why not try your hand a making your own tie dye item with the help of your used coffee grounds.

Simply add your grounds to boiled water, and let steep until desired color is reached. Strain the grounds and dip your desired item(s) in and let sit for at least an hour. The longer it sits the more color it will pick up!

You can also use that same steeped water as a dye for paper. Just lightly brush on your steeped water like a watercolor to give paper a vintage feel. 

Pest Repellent

Fun fact, coffee grounds act as a natural repellent for a variety of insects including those pesky mosquitoes?

Simply let your used coffee grounds dry out (we recommend in a foil plate). Once they are dry add a few drops of lighter fluid to the grounds (too much will make them burn to quickly).

Light the fluid allowing the lighter fluid to burn and the coffee grounds start burning and smoking.

Smother the fire, we recommend using a large damp towel or covering the tin plate to cut off the fires oxygen supply. This should leave the coffee grounds smoking/ smoldering. The smoke from the coffee grounds will help to repel the mosquitoes!

For those of you who have pups, add some grounds to your dog shampoo to act as a natural flea repellent.

Oh and in case you didn't already know we LOVE pups, make sure to share your pup with us @dogsofcampuspointcoffee 

Elevate Your Cooking

Coffee grounds are a great way to enhance your cooking! Add a rich, bold flavor to your chocolate baked goods such as cake, or give your chili an extra pop! 

You can also use the grounds as a natural tenderizer for tougher meats by adding grounds to your marinades or rubs! Bonus the grounds will add a delightful smokey flavor!


If you are into composting like we are, tossing your coffee grounds into your compost pile will help add nitrogen to your compost. While you're at it toss your used Campus Point Coffee Bags in too. We are so excited to offer 60% compostable coffee bags, that support our mission and reduce down the amount of waste that can end up in the ocean. 


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