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Breaking Down Brew Methods

Breaking Down Brew Methods

Whether you're a coffee fiend or a coffee newbie, chances are you've found yourself wondering what is the best way to brew that perfect cup at home. 

We are right there with you, and with so many methods to choose from, it can get overwhelming to find the right method for you. In today's world, brewing a cup of coffee has become so much more than simply firing up the old coffee maker and waiting for that sweet sweet nectar to brew. Now coffee drinkers can choose from a vast selection of brewing techniques.

Aside from the obvious of starting with "probably the best coffee ever" we've done the research so you don't have to, and are breaking down some of today's most popular brewing methods to help you brew your perfect cup!

Let's get started!


The Aeropress has quickly become a favorite among all types of coffee drinkers, especially travelers, for its compact size, ease of use and irresistible end result. Simplicity is the name of the game, with just an Aeropress, hot water, Aeropress filter, and your coffee of choice, you'll be on your way to a smooth, pure cup every time,"

Ideal for single serve.

Automatic Drip Coffee Pot

Probably the most common coffee brewing method is the beloved Automatic Drip Coffee Pot. Tried and true, the Automatic Drip Coffee Pot is a household staple. Brew up an entire pot of coffee in just a few simple steps and you'll be sipping your way through the day. 

Ideal for the coffee drinker who believes one cup is never enough. Also great for a family or household. 

Cold Brew

While there are many ways one can make Cold Brew, we like to keep it classic and simple. Mix your coffee grounds with cold water and let sit overnight, or longer depending on how strong you want it. The next day you will need to strain your mixture, leaving behind an incredibly smooth, strong coffee concentrate. You'll want to dilute your concentrate when you enjoy it. In addition to its incredibly delicious flavor, Cold Brew can last for up to two weeks when stored properly! 

Ideal for the coffee drinker who enjoys their coffee cold and likes to plan ahead, or for times when there isn't enough time for brewing. 

French Press 

This method is wildly popular among many at home coffee drinkers, and easy enough for any coffee drinker to use. Similar to the Aeropress, the French Press relies on pressure from a plunger after the coffee steeps. The French Press does not require a coffee filter and therefore can be seen as one of the more Eco friendly brewing methods. 

Ideal for the curious coffee drinker who wants to experiment with their coffee brewing. 

Moka Pot / Stove Top Brewing

If you are looking for a strong concentrated cup that mimics an espresso then the Moka Pot is the method for you. This stove top brew method quickly grew in popularity for its ability to brew espresso like coffee. While the pressure and concentration isn't quite as strong as a cup of espresso, the Moka Pot produces a cup of coffee that is typically twice as strong as a normal cup of coffee. 

Ideal for the coffee consumer who wants their coffee to pack that extra punch! 

Pour Over 

This slow and steady method is often referred to as the manual brew method. Brewers manually pour water over coffee grounds and a filter into either a mug or carafe. Some believe that this method can result in a cleaner cup of coffee due to the immersion process and the filter. The Pour Over Technique is one of the more challenging but fun techniques to master. 

Ideal for the coffee consumer who enjoys the brewing process almost as much as they enjoy the coffee.

Reusable K Cups

It's hard to beat the ease and convenience of the household favorite Keurig Machine. Thanks to reusable K Cups, Keurig lovers can now continue to use their machines but now with their coffee of choice. Not to mention how much more Eco friendly the reusable K cup is compared to the standard single use pod. We love anything that reduces waste.  

Ideal for the instant gratification coffee drinker. 

Happy Brewing and be sure to tag us and share your brewing adventures @campuspointcoffee.

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